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Welcome to RCTI (Software and Hardware solutions)



We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2018.






RCTI is an entrepreneurial company from Barcelona that looks for solutions Software and Hardware for entrepreneurs.


Our goal is to reach entrepreneurs (self-employed, SMEs, etc.) with our products ( legal Software/Hardware) at the lowest possible cost. This is what made us choose Android as operating system since, it is found on countless devices (Smartphones, tablets, etc) and are low cost.


Like most people who have a family member, friend or neighbor who has their small business. We believe that with today's new technologies, they should not handle it head-on or with tedious papers, such as inventory or make calculations to make invoices and / or square box, etc. For this reason, we decided to start with POS+.


In the development of this, we saw that there was no simple driver for Receipt Printers on Android. Finally it was decided not to load the POS+ program so that its operation remains simple and independent.


From this little problem comes Printer+. An App-service that allows you to control different brands and models of Receipt Printers easily from another application, such as POS+ that uses it to generate receipts in a few and simple steps.


Stay tuned to our website and social networks in which we will announce all the news, we will gradually develop more applications '+' for entrepreneurs.


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