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This website uses cookies to improve and optimize the user experience. Cookies and the type of cookies used by this website are described below.

What are Cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are files that the website or application that you use installs in your browser or device (smartphone, tablet or television) during your tour of the website or application, and serve to store information about your visit.

We use them to:

The use of Cookies allows us to optimize your navigation, adapting the information and services offered to your interests, to provide you with a better experience; For this the information that we collect through the Cookies is analyzed by our team to adapt and facilitate to the maximum the navigation of the User.

Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and his / her computer / device and do not provide references that allow to know personal data. At any time you can access the settings of your web browser to modify and / or block the installation of our cookies, blocking cookies may affect the quality of performance of services or availability.

Users who complete the registration process or are logged in with their access data will be able to access personalized services and adapted to their preferences according to the personal information provided at the time of registration and stored in the Cookie of your browser.

Why are they important?

What are the different cookies we use?

How Cookies Settings Affect?

By browsing and continuing on our website you will be consenting to the use of the Cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy. RCTIES provides access to this Cookies Policy; In entering our website or sub sections web once given to close the dialog that contains it, can be shown again if you delete the dialogue cookie. With the aim that the user is informed, and notwithstanding that he may exercise his right to block, eliminate and reject the use of cookies at all times.
In any case we inform you that blocking Cookies may affect your browsing experience, but this is not an impediment to browsing our web system.

Do we update our Cookies Policy?

We may update the Cookies Policy of our website, so we recommend that you review this policy each time you access our website, in order to be properly informed about how and for what we use cookies.

Cookies Policy was last updated as of 2018/01/09.